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Physical refining features

Physical refining features

Physical refining technology because of its own things are being applied to the oil industry in the production. Although due to its own limitations, it is still a viable process and the traditional process coexist.

Features of physical refining: 

(1) less physical refining auxiliary materials, reducing the environmental pollution of the wastewater. Distillation deacidification can directly get fatty acids. Do not use alkali, do not produce soap, oil do not have to wash. No longer need to use acid to acid soap feet, the preparation of fatty acids. To avoid the formation of sewage due to acid and alkali treatment.

(2) physical refining process is simple, less equipment. Deodorization and deodorization are carried out in one process in the same equipment; the oil is not washed; the soaping section is omitted, thus simplifying the process and low operating costs.

(3) physical refining refining rate is high. There is no neutral saponification loss and emulsification loss. The higher the acid value, the more obvious the advantage. With physical refining, grease loss can be reduced to 1.05% ~ 1.1% or less.

(4) physical refining products of good quality. The stability of the refined oil is better. The quality of the fatty acid (85% ~ 90% free fatty acid) obtained after distillation is better than that of alkali refining and then acidified and distilled.

(5) physical refining has some limitations. Chemical refining is almost always available for all edible oils. And physical refining can not make all kinds of grades, all grades of oil deacidification have reached the required quality. It is suitable for low-quality, high acid oil refining. Whether it is good to remove the gum, is the first key to the success of distillation deacidification. When the oil free fatty acid content of 2% or less, the advantages of physical refining is not obvious, sometimes higher than the operation of alkali refining. Deep oxidized greases, containing non-hydrated gums are not suitable for physical refining. Grease must be subjected to good pretreatment before distilling off the acid. For the above-mentioned poor oil, it must be expensive to get the oil that is suitable for physical refining. This raises the merits of the process, and sometimes even at an expensive price , Still can not get meet the quality requirements of oil. For this type of oil, chemical refining is still an economical method, and sometimes the only way. Cottonseed oil can not use physical refining method is still the only deacidification method.

(6) physical refining of the oil if the color is deep, it is difficult to decolorize.

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