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Peanut oil extraction plant

Peanut oil extraction plant

Brief introduction of peanut oil extraction machine:

Peanut oil extraction plant using the most advanced peanut oil extraction technology to ensure efficient, economical and reliable peanut oil extraction process. In cooperation with the design of vacuum evaporating oil extraction, solvent condensing and tail gas recovery systems, the oil extractor achieves high yield, low residual oil, low solvent consumption, low equipment failure of peanut oil.

Features of peanut oil extraction machine:

1. Peanut/groundnut oil extraction process machinery can save labour and save cost : only 1 or 2people can finish the production.

2. Widely used to extract various kinds of oil materials, like soybean, sunflower seeds,peanut, sesame,rapeseeds, flax seed, camellia, cotton seed, cashew, hemp seed, linseeds, coconut,and all the oil content crops.

3. Different oil materials have different oil yielding.   

4. Small-land using: only 10-20 square maters can meet the need of peanut/groundnut oil extraction process machinery.

5. The oil left in cake is less than 1% . And cake thickness can be adjusted once the peanut/groundnut oil extraction process machinery stop running.

6. It is easy to operate . When operating, you should do as the instruction .

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