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Sesame oil extraction machine

Sesame oil extraction machine 

Introduction of sesame oil extraction machine:

Sesame oil extraction machine also called sesame oil press machine.Sesame oil extraction machine mainly used to extract sesame oil from sesame.Sesame oil extraction machine features high oil output rate and good oil quality. And we can customized sesame oil extraction machine according customer's requirements.

How to working of sesame oil extraction machine?

Before you start sesame oil with sesame oil extraction machine, prepare sesame seeds for pre-treatment and cleaning to remove impurities from certain cleaning equipment. Blow up with hot air to the best condition. Then, our professional sesame oil extraction machine can squeeze out the pre-processed sesame seeds. Sesame oil extractor is a special design for the extraction of sesame oil, and its vacuum filter can help to filter the extracted sesame oil.

The complete sesame oil extractor consists of five parts: cleaning, hot air blown (hot press), pressure, filtration and precipitation. This is a brief introduction to the customer's question about cold pressed or hot pressed sesame oil.

Why choose our sesame oil extraction machine?

1. Widely used in a variety of vegetable oilseeds.

2. Simple design and simple operation.

3. Continuous work, low noise.

4. High yield.

5. Energy saving

6. We can offer hot press and cold press presses