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Vegetable oil extraction machine

Vegetable oil extraction machin

Introdution of vegetable oil extraction machine:

Vegetable oil extraction machin is special equipment for oil and fat refining, it has the traits as high rotating speed, operating stability, completely sealed up of the inlet and outlet system, lower noise and fine separating affection. Centripetal pump system designed by our professional designer has the trails as stability outlet pressure, large regulating sphere and operating easily, Also this series separator has professional automatic domination case with safety protection device, advanced automatic vibrating testing instrument can view vibrating number at any time,We can make separating and discharging to the best affection from regulate separating parameter directly at the screen.Vegetable oil extraction machin is one of  the most common  oil extraction machine.

The production of vegetable oil extraction machine:

Our products are edible oil press machine, vegetable oil extraction machine with solvent and edible oil refining machine. It's applicable to peanut oil press, ssoybean oil press, palm kernel oil press, sesame oil press, rice bran oil press, rapeseed oil press, cottonseed oil press, sesame oil press, copra oil press, castor oil press,sunflower oil press,pumkin seed oil press,corn germ oil press,bancoul oil press, walnut oil press, mustard seed oil press, avocado kernel oil press, shea nut oil press, pine nut oil press, grape seed oil press,almond oil press,tea seed oil press, pepper seed oil press,etc.

We can supply oil press machine for 1 ton to 2000tons per day.

By the customers requirement we can provide cooking oil press machine, cooking oil making machine, cooking oil extractor or cooking oil refinery machine. Any part of this edible oil producing line can be supplied by us.

 Advantages of the vegetable oil extraction machine:

(1) Simple design, low consumption and light weight, easy to handle and move.

(2) Easy for operating, low labor intensity and high economical profit.

Features of vegetable oil extraction machine:

1,Simple operation, high yield rate, low consumption, motor can be customized.

2,Wide range of capacity for more choices of our customer.

3,Wide application of oil press for more cost-effective solution.

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