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En-Masse Conveyor

En-Masse Conveyor

Introduction of En-Masse Conveyor:

En-Masse Conveyor uses advanced design, and has an efficient bulk material chain conveyor system, greatly improving the transport efficiency, allowing in any conveyor system automatically feed and discharge, wide range of applications, easy to operate.

Characteristics of our En-Masse Conveyor:

1. En-Masse Conveyor uses advanced curved chain structure. High-strength conveyor chain with high-quality wear-resistant track, combined with special structural form of the track, reducing the general transport structure 40% of the maintenance time.

2. En-Masse Conveyor uses manganese steel or wear plate, so that with long life, low noise, easy maintenance of large-scale chain conveyor.

3. En-Masse Conveyor is equipped with speed monitoring, material shield monitoring, chain detection, axial temperature detection and other safety protection monitoring device, can make all the particles and powder material stability, smooth delivery, the angle of 0-90 degrees.

4. En-Masse Conveyor uses precise sandblasting, anti-corrosion treatment and compact design to ensure the perfect appearance of the long paint and less residue.

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