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MS Scraper Conveyor

MS Scraper Conveyor

Introduction of MS Scraper Conveyor:

MS scraper conveyor with non-metallic wear-resistant materials or rubber wear-resistant materials as the main wear-resistant layer, long service life, the friction is not easy to slip, can efficiently transport a variety of powder or granular material. The welding crankshaft connecting rod chain conveyor is widely used in feed, rice, flour mill, oil plant, granary, port and so on.

Characteristics of MS Scraper Conveyor:

1. MS scraper conveyor has a simple structure and is relatively flexible. MS scraper conveyor allows for multi-point feed and discharge, suitable for a variety of materials in the oil plant is a very common transport machinery.

2. MS Scraper Conveyor has a number of safety devices to ensure reliable operation of the transport aircraft. MS Scraper Conveyor is equipped with maintenance doors, viewing windows, dust exhaust, block monitoring, shaft temperature detection and other devices.

3. MS scraper conveyor with assembly head and slewing pulley. The assembly structure ensures easy working, while making disassembly and maintenance simple.

4. Slide rain tensioning device of scraper conveyor tail part. This special design of tail part is featured by low failure rate, convenient operation and easy check.

5. MS scraper conveyor with long operating life, low energy consumption, low damage rate of materials, mainly used in food, wheat flour, feed, food processing, chemical and other fields.

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