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MU Scraper Conveyor

MU Scraper Conveyor

Introduction of MU Scraper Conveyor:

MU Scraper Conveyor mainly provides efficient horizontal or inclined powder, granular materials and small size material delivery. Its price is relatively cheap, easy to operate, easy maintenance, longer life and other advantages. Widely used in feed, wheat flour, rice, oil, oil, ports and other industries.

Characteristics of MU Scraper Conveyor:

1. MU Scraper Conveyor's motor seat and conveyor belt are synchronous displacement. The chain tension of the scraper conveyor can be easily adjusted.

2. MU Scraper Conveyor Conveyor belts made of high-strength wear-resistant materials are semiquantly, similar to "U" channel cross sections. The advantage of this structural design is the reduction of the material residue of the scraper conveyor.

3. MU scraper conveyor owns long operating life, low energy consumption, and low material damage rate in all kinds of application fields.

4. MU Scraper Conveyor has a functional conveyor for multiple applications. Widely used in a variety of feed, flour, rice, oil, food, food, ports and other specifications of the feed.

5. MU Scraper Conveyor has a wear layer on the conveyor belt. Scraper super wear-resistant polymer material to avoid the direct friction between the conveyor and scraper, reducing the operating noise, extending the life of the scraper conveyor.

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