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small-oil-refineing line of rapeseed and tea seed

small oil refinery line of rapeseed ans tea seed

description of small oil refinery line:

We processing the Rapeseed and tea seed to expeller oil through oil extraction machine, rapeseed oil through oil refinery line deacidification,remove impurity,remove some of the pigment and odor, to meet the requirements of edible oil. The main equipment of the rapeseed oil refining process is the temporary storage of crude oil, alkali refining and washing tank, filter, and separation of soap and feed pump, lye, clay filter and so on.

The crude oil rapeseed oil contains free fatty acids, phospholipids, pigments and sticky substances, which will affect the quality of the rapeseed oil, so the crude oil must be refined to meet the standard of edible oil. Refined rapeseed oil refining equipment to be the main equipment, washing cans, vacuum dehydration tanks and filters and other equipment.

content of small oil refinery line

1.Small oil press production line refined cone,made of steel, and the mixer speed up to 40r / min, the minimum 20r / min.

2.Small oil press production line of water cans, made of steel, the mixer speed up to 40r / min, the minimum 20r / min.

3.Small oil press production line of the vacuum dehydration tank welded with steel plate from the stirrer speed 42r / min.

4.Small oil press production line of Filter press machine, filter cloth with a layer of five canvas

Warranty  and  service of small oil refinery line :

oil extraction from sunflower seeds Warranty period of 12 months our company provided oil machine parts and technical services within 12 months. After I provide free Internet and telephony services in the form of technology.

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