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TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator

TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator

Introduction of TDTG bucket elevator:

TDTG self-cleaning bucket elevator to food, feed, chemical industry pellets or powder-like materials, high efficiency and low capacity vertical lift. The use of advanced design of the drive pulley, plastic cap pulley, circular foundation, elevator conveyor to achieve a low residue, good stability of the material and reliable delivery. In the oil industry, the application of the bucket elevator is very extensive, the general transport of oil.

Characteristics of our TDTG self-cleaning bucket elevator:

1. TDTG Self-cleaning bucket elevator's head pulley uses a rubber wheel to increase friction, prevent belt slippage, improve drive efficiency, save installation time and reduce maintenance costs.

2. TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator is specially designed with a bucket-type elevator head to prevent material clogging due to lifting the belt during an emergency stop.

3. TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator Unique self-cleaning bucket structure ensures the clearance between the pulley and the ground groove and controls the size of the remaining amount. Helical tension device and squirrel tail wheel design of the wheel to prevent the tread material adhesion, effectively improve the lifting effect.

4. TDTG Self-cleaning Bucket Elevator is equipped with access door, viewing window, explosion-proof ventilation, dustproof door, speed test device, anti-blocking device, shaft temperature detection and other safety devices, can make the material safe and reliable.

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