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Valve Series

Valve Series

Brief description of our company's valve series:

Our company produces a variety of different angles of the valve, with a number of design patents, including electric valves, pneumatic valves and manual valves. These types of valves are mainly used in conjunction with hoists and oil machines. 

Advantages of valve series:

1. A variety of independent designs of valves with different angles and operating modes.

2. Standardized design of the valve, easy to replace the valve components, durable, stable structure.

3. Advanced imported valve accessories and electrical switches, so that the performance of the valve stability, long life.

4. Wide valve size of 200mm-1200mm, to meet the requirements of various industrial products.

Our requirements for valves:

1. All the valves are rack and pinion control slide valve or other types of valves, the user can reorganize itself, greatly facilitate the use of the user.

2. The valve should be completely sealed to prevent dust from overflowing and to automatically clean all material on the valve door.

3. The polyurethane wearable bushings are mounted on the valve surface and the valve housing, where there is a particle effect.

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