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rapeseed oil production and refinery machine

rapeseed oil production and refinery

process of rapeseed oil production and refinery:

The physical refining process of the oil refining consists of two parts, the oil extraction plant process of oil extraction have three processes in fellow, the pretreatment of the oil and the deacidification of the distillation. Pretreatment includes the removal of crude oil (referring to mechanical impurities such as cake, sediment and grass, etc.), degumming (including phospholipids and other adhesive substances, etc.), decolorization of three processes.


By pretreatment, so that the oil to meet the distillation of deacidification process conditions of the pretreatment oil, which is the premise of physical refining, if the pretreatment is not good, will make the distillation deacidification can not be carried out or not qualified oil. So it’s important of High quality refining machine about oil production and refinery,Distillation deacid mainly includes oil heating, cooling, distillation and recovery of fatty acids and other processes.


Physical rapeseed oil production and refining equipment of the process: the physical refining of the main equipment used in the removal of machines, filters, degumming pots, decolorization tank, oil heat exchange tank, oil heating tank, distillation deacidification tank, Vacuum devices and so on

other of rapeseed oil production and refinery:

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